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At HMI we offer hotels comprehensive strategies to build a strong and recognizable brand that creates a distinct and memorable identity for the hotel and sets it apart from all the competitors while communicating its unique value to guests. This service is a process that covers all the aspects from brand identity, brand messaging, visual assets, online presence, marketing and advertising, policies and procedures, brand consistency, standards and brand guidelines. Our aim is to create a lasting impression on guests, foster complete loyalty and contribute to the overall success and recognition of the hotel in the hospitality industry.  

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📍 Location 1: Dora highway – Moucarri centre – 4th floor – Beirut – Lebanon.

📍 Location 2:  Ein El Remeneh – Reef Bank roundabout – Baaklini center – 4th floor – Beirut – Lebanon. 

📍 Location 3: Antoura Keserwan – Main Street – New Church BLDG. – GF – Beirut – Lebanon. 

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