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Le Mythe Resort & Club

Le Mythe Logo

Le Mythe a private club was facing many challenges in different sectors, HMI contributed in rescue management and worked on many aspects to modify the path of an underperforming property into a leading one in the hospitality world. With the help of our team of experts the problems were identified, change of concept was a must instead of limiting the access to this property, it was open to the public. A new business plan was elaborated, marketing strategies via many channels were used to promote this luxurious concept to a larger number of audiences, many alternatives were used to stop the leakage and wave unnecessary costs, new standard line, policies & procedures, and SOPs were created, training programs were given to personnel to make sure all notions were acquired. Thanks to this this major change this property was open to public, market position changed from unknown property to a 5* elegant, sophisticated property, financial targets were reached and even exceeded, and finally the investment spent was tuned into a profitable path. 

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