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Revenue & Yield Management

Selling the right space at the right time to the right guest at the right price

Having over 26 years of expertise, HMI is a leader in revenue and yield management. Using this specific powerful tool, we ensure maximum profitability at all times, high occupancy, and enhance average room rate.

After setting financial goals and objectives, our scope of work will focus on building a revenue management culture, forecasting demand and occupancy, working through multiple distribution channels and making sure of providing all guests a memorable experience.

We strongly believe in creating long-term value for our clients, validated by proving a return on investment with every solution we deliver. Our trusted advisors provide pricing, promotions and implementation strategies for the Lebanon's most successful hospitality brands and upcoming concepts.

Let’s start your recovery strategy

Now, more than ever, HMI is committed to doing all we can to support the hospitality industry. Our team of experts is ready to help put you on a path toward profitability.

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